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The Short Story

mr.weirdbob productions, LLC (Wayne, New Jersey) was formed in 2015 as the production company for writer and director Brady Bryson's first short film "57 Days". Over the past 9 years MWB productions has worked to bring thought-provoking, inspiring and important stories to the screen. Past and current projects include short films which either stand alone or are intended to one day become features, feature-length films and serial television in 30 and 60 minute formats.


Explore the rest of our site to get a sense of what mr.weirdbob productions is all about, and feel free to send us an email with any questions you might have.

Brady Bryson

After his parents brought him to see a 30 year anniversary screening of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (He was six at the time) Brady decided that he was going to become a director. He promptly began creating stop-motion films and had graduated to iPad based production until, after a chance encounter with Rob Reiner, he decided to become an actor first. During their brief conversation Mr. Reiner convinced Brady that in order to better understand what he was asking the actors to do on screen it would be best if he understood what it was like to be on the other side of the lens. Brady started with roles in short films, television and off-Broadway theater. He studied Meisner with Jim Parrack at Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab and trained with James Franco, Kathleen Turner, Ally Sheedy and Leven Rambin among others. A graduate of the College of Performing Arts (COPA) at the New School (BFA in May 2022) with honors and winner of the Vinnette Justine Carroll Award, Brady is now an MFA candidate in Dramatic Writing at New York University (NYU/TISCH) and currently working on several projects through his production company. Three of his short films, 57 Days, Spider on the Train, and Where to Now? Have been accepted into 41 festivals, winning a total of 17 awards, including Best Short Film Screenplay for the NYLIFF, and the Golden Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival. His feature-length screenplays The Gentlemen of Princeton and The case of Amelia Price have received multiple festival awards and his feature, Sideways for Attention, which won the best screenplay award at the Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, is now entering the festival circuit. 

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